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Welcome to TheraPlay

Pediatric Occupational, Physical, Speech & Aquatic Therapy

TheraPlay is a different kind of occupational, speech, physical and aquatic therapy organization. We are a collaboration of parents and therapists who have come together to provide services that are based on widely available but not widely used research that provides life-long changes.
We have a clinic in Oviedo, FL as well as another clinic we can use in Clermont. Some of our therapists can also work in your home, day-care or school in many areas around Greater Orlando such as Altamonte, Longwood, Winter Park, Oviedo and more. So contact us for more information.

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Some of the services we offer in our Oviedo office, your home, day-care and school settings.

If your child is receiving ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy - please read here.

At Theraplay, we recognize that many physicians are recommending ABA as the answer to stop all of your child’s behaviors. However, the idea behind applied behavioral  analysis is that every behavior from a child is done intentionally and should be replaced with a more appropriate behavior through positive and negative reinforcement and consequences, using the ABC strategy (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence). Not only does this technique discount other causes of behavior such as sensory overstimulation, task frustration, delays in motor skills and communication frustration, but it does not allow for skill generalization and functional skill acquisition. Ultimately, a child will only be able to perform the desired behavior or skill under a specific set up and with a certain motivation, such as a reward.


In OT, PT and ST, we focus on functional and long term skill acquisition. We are able to assess and address the underlying skills that need to be improved in order to decrease frustration and delays causing the behavior. It is also important to us that a child feels intrinsically motivated and can generalize the skills learned into a variety of environments and situations We individualize every treatment session and utilize a variety of techniques to help a child succeed. Most importantly, the children have fun.


We find that children receiving OT/PT/ST and ABA simultaneously often become frustrated with the conflicting techniques and limit their progress. We want the children to feel successful and empowered during therapy and ultimately increase independence. This is often hindered with use of ABA and for this reason we do not recommend mixing ABA and OT/PT or ST. Please feel free to reach out to us for more specific information if this is a concern for you. The children our our first priority.

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113 W. Chapman Rd, Oviedo, FL 32765, USA

Phone: (407) 790-5601

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